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A little about us...

Chuck Inglefield

Manager/Owner of Inglefield Retirement Solutions, LLC.


I've been a financial advisor since 1997. My interest in financial planning actually dates back to 1989. That was when I landed my first job out of college. It was with a small family-owned manufacturing company. My starting salary: $18,000. To a recent college graduate in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that was a small fortune. That year I started my first IRA and funded the maximum allowable $2,000. It was then that I decided I needed to learn all I could about investing. This was my future life savings after all. Upon teaching myself about investing, I quickly realized I had stumbled upon something that I truly enjoyed. What began as a hobby has turned into a rewarding career. I am blessed to be in a profession that I enjoy, and am constantly rewarded by the opportunity to help others to make smart financial decisions.


Some résumé type items about me:

• Published my first book, Holy Cow, You're Retiring! in 2011

• Earned Professional Designation of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®)

• Earned M.B.A. from University of Michigan

• Earned B.S. from Oklahoma State University

• Member in the Charlotte Chapter of the Financial Planning Association


I have lived in Charlotte, NC since 1991. My wife Meg and I met in 2004 and both share a love for travel. We try to take one "big vacation" per year. Our prior travels have included numerous countries in Europe, Malaysia, and South Africa. Our wish list for future destinations is long and we are always interested to hear others' travel stories and recommendations.


In addition to travel, my other hobbies include photography, percussion and cycling.


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Angie Dry

Client Service Specialist


Chuck and I have worked together since 1998. Until then, my experience with financial planning consisted of tossing my quarterly 401k statements into a cardboard box, labeled "KEEP". As my friends and family learned that I was working with a financial planner, they would lean in and quietly ask what advice I would give. My response was always (and still is) the same, "It's never too late to start, and it's never too little to put away for the future".


I am one of the fortunate few who can honestly say that I look forward to coming to work each day. Our clients are like family to me, and I take great pride in serving them. The personal relationships we have with our clients helps reinforce our commitment to them, which in turn, strengthens their confidence in us. We truly care about our clients, and they know we do.


I knew that college was my rescue from working production in an industrial sewing plant. Although I didn't even own a computer (nor had I ever touched one) I decided to study computer programming. I spent many late nights in the college's computer lab – oftentimes being shooed out at 10:00 pm because the lab was closing. I had been married for five years, with a three year old and "one on the way", when I proudly graduated at the top of my class with my Associates Degree in Computer Science. I am ever grateful for the help and support of my family and my loving husband, without whom it would have never been possible.


I have been married since 1985 to the man of my dreams, and have two awesome sons. We live in the Buford area of Lancaster, SC. I enjoy cooking, reading, gardening, rock hunting and anything that has to do with nature and the outdoors.


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Ellen Roberts

Director of Marketing and Client Experience


As far back as I can remember, saving money has always been important to me. My father was on the board of the federal credit union in Washington, DC and taught me the importance of being a member and saving my money. When I was a teenager, my first part-time job was in a fine men’s clothing store, and each time I got paid, I endorsed my paycheck and gave it to my father to deposit in my credit union share account. It was fun to watch the balance grow. In my mind it was a big deal for me to make a withdrawal, and so I remember those few times that I did.


I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. After graduation I moved back to Washington, DC and worked as a surgical nurse for several years. Through volunteering with local charities, it became evident that I had a talent for fundraising and marketing which eventually led to paid positions for several non-profit organizations.


In the winter of 2012, I was searching for a new financial planner to manage my nest egg and was reading books about retirement to become more educated. A friend gave me a copy of Chuck’s book, Holy Cow, You’re Retiring!, which I read in one day. It was a complicated topic but written in a way that I understood, and the information I gained framed my knowledge of retirement. I was thrilled to see that Chuck’s office was in Charlotte where I also lived.  After meeting with him, getting all my questions answered, and then finding out that Angie had been with him since 1998, I became a client.


In October 2013, I joined Chuck’s and Angie’s team as Director of Marketing and Client Experience, and I’m honored to be part of such a successful firm.


I live in Ballantyne with my wonderful husband, David, who as worked in the textile industry since 1978. Together we have a blended family of four beautiful daughters, Danielle, Olivia, Lauren and Natalie who are all college graduates and are busy pursuing their chosen paths.


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